Abbrev. name:
S-TRADE - trgovina,
inženiring, storitve,
izvoz-uvoz d.o.o.

S-TRADE d.o.o.
Brane Sedmak,
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+386 (0)41 632 146
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We are a company with 15 years of tradition and clear business goals. The company is engaged in investments, land acquisition, construction designing and construction of objects. We unite top-level teams of design engineers and contractors. We also cooperate with all more prominent financial institution. The customers are offered a warranty and excellent service.

The qualitaty of completed projects, such as terraced houses of Drobtinka in Brezovica, apartment block at Rakek, a settlement of apartment houses at Unec, a block in Postojna etc., confirms our work.

Our eyes are focused on seeking new locations for construction and spatial planning. In addition to everything else, we are also working on the project of constructing an Eco village, allowing a comfortable, but foremost energy efficient and ecological natural life of its inhabitants.

Concluded project speak of our professional approach to contractors as well as users. Numerous successfully concluded projects are a guarantee that we are able to approach the design and the realization of the project with utmost professionalism while also taking care of financing.

We also cooperate with major banks. At the conclusion of the contract, we will offer you favourable credits.

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Brane Sedmak  univ.dipl.oec